The Star 04 November 2019

Johannesburg – Ekurhuleni Emergency Services had their hands full on Sunday night battling the fire of three trucks believed to have been deliberately burnt by unknown people within minutes of each other. 

The trucks were burnt on the N3 highway not far from the Barry Marais offramp in Vosloorus.

Spokesperson Willie Ntladi said they received a call about a burning truck on the highway around 10.27 and quickly rushed there.

Upon arrival they found the truck on fire and traffic badly backed up. He said while they were busy battling the flames, they got a report that another truck about 200 meters away was also burning.

They called for back up and Ntladi said as fire fighters were busy battling the second burning truck, the third truck started burning.

“There were cars in between these burning trucks and motorists had to flee. We don’t know who burnt the trucks and none of the the drivers were there.

“Initially we thought the trucks may have been burnt by people from the nearby Zonkizizwe informal settlement but then we realised that it could have not been them as there had been no riots.

“We definitely believe  that these trucks were deliberately burnt because they were far apart from each other and then all went up in flames one after the other.

Ntladi said one of the trucks was carrying drums with pieces of metal inside, the other had wood and plastic material while the other had a container whose contents they did not know as everything had burnt to ashes.

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