IOL 03 October 2019

Johannesburg – Police in Gauteng arrested another suspect who was allegedly found in possession of fake money on Wednesday. 

Police said the suspect was arrested during a joint crime prevention. He was allegedly nabbed with over 40 suspected stolen laptops, eight TV flat screens and R12 000 in counterfeit bank notes. 

Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said the police were notified of the suspect by members of the public. 

“The public also played a valuable role in the planning of this operation as police pounced on illegal activities and businesses in Rocky Street, Harrison Street and Plein Street and confiscated counterfeit goods at an estimated value of over R9 million,” he said.

In another incident, police arrested a suspect who was operating an illegal gambling spot on Bree Street, in the Joburg CBD. The suspect was handed over to commercial crime investigators, Makhubele said. 

In June, during engagements with the Yeoville community, the public complained about policing challenges in the area. 

The meeting was attended by Police Minister Bheki Cele and Gauteng provincial police commissioner Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, who assured the community that the police would conduct regular operations in the area.

“Since the June 2019 Ministerial Imbizo in Yeoville, ensured that regular operations are conducted where police have to date: shut down a number of illegal liquor outlets and guesthouses where drugs-dealing and prostitution were taking place, also rescuing a number of young girls some of whom were allegedly kidnapped and used as sex workers. 

“A number of illegal churches have also been closed down on contravention of City of Johannesburg by-laws; and also addressed hijacked and bad buildings and confiscated counterfeit goods. Police also arrested undocumented foreign nationals during some of the operations,” said Makhubele.

Gauteng police said Operation Okae Molao operations commenced, more than 529 suspects had been arrested for various transgressions of the law, including murder, hijacking, robbery and gender-based violence, which accounts for 82 cases – ranging from rape, assault and domestic abuse. 

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